Apr 22, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game Four

Wooww! I am honestly still buzzing from the game last night.

Good Things:
-the Canucks killed 2 power-plays, one of which had Daniel in the box!
-Demitra's goal during the Kings' change
-Luongo's "snow angel" save in the third period
-Samuelesson adding another goal to his previous four
-Sami Salo scoring on the power-play
-Henrik's game winner
and, of course, Kesler's open-netter in the last 15 seconds

I don't feel like listing bad things today.

I think last night's game was a such a confidence booster for the Canucks. They went strong and showed the Kings that they are not going to loose just like that. Something I'm really liking about the Canuck's play is that we have all these defense-men that are also really good defensive players! Ehroff and Salo both scored, and Ehroff, Edler, and O'Brien assisted. Speaking of, the offensive players are improving their defensive skills too. Putting the Sedins on the powerplay kill was very prosperous, which is why I was so amazed when the Canucks killed Daniel's penalty. Overall, I loved watching last night's game and I cannot wait for the Canucks to bring it home and take the lead!

Apr 20, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game Three

Bummer, eh? I only managed to catch the last period, and what a period it was.
First of all, the bogus "distinct kicking motion" call. Look, I don't know what kind of kicking you've been doing lately, but that was an obvious stopping motion that put in the puck. It was good, however, to see the Canucks come back with a nice, definite goal a minute later.
Secondly, I don't know what funk Luo was in, but letting in 4 goals in 16 shots? That's not the Luo we know and love. Raycroft did a nice job of doing what he can, and sometimes I think we forget that Raycroft is a really good goalie, but we rarely get to see him because Luo can be an amazing goalie.
Thirdly, Samuelesson! I'm SO happy about Samuelesson, he's playing so great! Scoring 4 goals, taking 1 assist, playing around 20 minutes in each, and especially, taking no penalties. I want to emphasize penalties because the Kings have scored 7 of their 10 goals on a power-play, so I think it's really important that the Canucks try to avoid penalties as much as possible.

Predictions: The Canucks come back with a 3-1 win and only get 1 penalty! (fingers crossed)

Apr 18, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game Two

Oh geez.

Good Things:
-nice goals by Bernier and Samuelesson (scored on 2 of the first 4 shots)
-exciting 'track meet' play in the third period
-Luongo made 29 saves
-Kessler won 7 of 11 faceoffs

Bad Things:
-King's 35 second scoring spree

First off, I'm pretty upset with Alberts. I mean, I had never heard of him before now, and being known as the player who has the most playoff PIM of the NHL. In Game 1 he took a penalty that led to the King's first goal, and then was kicked out of the game after taking a five minute penalty in which the Kings scored again and tied the game. And if that wasn't enough, he comes back to Game Two and gets two consecutive penalties, and one more a bit later. That's THREE penalties. I hope I don't see him in Game Three because something isn't working for him, and he needs to figure it out, because just a week ago he scored against the Sharks!
Secondly, this game reinforced my worries about this series. Even though it has only been two games, you can see in the game play how close it is. I really hope Canucks and put more distance between themselves and the Kings, as they are getting more shots on goal.
As for Game Three, I am hoping the Canucks can pull through and take the lead. Though the Kings will have home-ice advantage, the Canucks have really improved their away play, if you will, over the season.


30 Hour Famine

On Thursday and Friday this week I participated in my school's thirty hour famine. It was an interesting event, as I had only ever done a 24 hour famine before. I found that overall, I wasn't that hungry, I was just weak and tired. I can't imagine how, feeling like I did, those children in Africa do it. Throughout the famine I drank 6 L of water, 3 L of diluted juice, and got 9 hours of sleep. Personally, I had a good experience with famine, and plan to do it again next year!

Famine Log:
(famine went from 7:30am on Thursday to 1:30pm on Friday)

9:30am: Two hours in and I'm not hungry yet. I usually don't eat at this time anyways. This morning I had a nice big breakfast with grains and protein which is supposed to take a long time to absorb into your body so you won't get a crash. I'm really excited for the day!

12:30pm: Five hours in and I'm beginning to feel the hunger. Nothing intense, just a normal, between-meals kind of hunger. I've been drinking loads of water, probably more than I need, but I really don't want to get dehydrated. Also, I'm still excited!

2:30pm: Seven hours in and I'm hardly feeling it. It is fascinating to see how little we actually need the food we consume, and how eating at certain times is often just a habit, not a necessity. I am beginning to feel a bit weak and a little distracted from lack of energy, but otherwise I'm good!

4:30pm: Nine hours in and I'm feeling more hungry, but I'm keeping distracted in the school gym that was opened with all the equipment for the famine-rs. My friend, Akina, and I have been having a great time swinging on ropes and jumping on high jump mats! Going good!

6:30pm: Eleven hours in and I'm still feeling alright. I'm not so much hungry as weak. If it keeps going like this, sleeping is going to be easy.

8:30pm: Thirteen hours in and I'm feeling okay. A few minutes ago I was feeling desperately hungry, but then I had a diluted juice, and I'm feeling much better. Now that I'm just 2 hours shy of the halfway point, I'm not excited for tomorrow, but I'm definitely still glad to be doing this.

9:30pm: Fourteen hours in and I'm off to bed. I don't feel hungry, but I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.
(*Added note: I usually go to bed at 9:30pm - 10pm, but I'm not usually as tired as I was.)

7:30am: Twenty-four hours in and I am HUNGRY! When I woke up I was alright, but now my stomach is like ghnagkiovake, if that makes sense. I also cannot concentrate to save my life right now.

10:30am: Twenty-seven hours in and I am still really hungry and just waiting for 1:30pm. So far school hasn't been much of a distraction because I can't think very straight.

1:45pm: YES! FOOD! This was a fun experience, but right now my stomach is totally weird and bloated. Time to try to get my body back into regular swing.

Apr 16, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game One

Wow. That was an INTENSE game. Unfortunately, I was asleep during OT, but I saw some video of Luo's wacky save and Samuelesson's tie-breaker. I predict that Samuelesson is going to be playing a big part in these playoffs. I am a bit concerned for game 2, because this one was so close. Hopefully the Canuck fans will be able to pull our boys up for perhaps I more dominate win, because right now, as much as it pains me to say it, it's anyones series.

Apr 7, 2010

Down With Webster

genre: rock/hiphop/progressive
album: Time To Win Vol. 1
website: www.downwithwebster.com / www.myspace.com/downwithwebster
quote: 'I built my soul on rock 'n' roll, then someone told me kids don't rock no more..'

Down With Webster is a seven-man band that was formed for a junior high (gr. 6-8) talent show. They write, produce, and perform their own music. DWW is from Toronto, Canada and were voted the best unsigned artist/band in 2008. They have a unique sound that has been missing from the radio for a while now. With their huge local fanbase and growing worldwide fanbase they are well on their way for an amazing musical career. Another thing about Down With Webster is the fact that they have seven band members, with is a fair bit larger than the norm. I really like Down With Webster, and I hope they are still making awesome music for a long, long time.