Apr 7, 2010

Down With Webster

genre: rock/hiphop/progressive
album: Time To Win Vol. 1
website: www.downwithwebster.com / www.myspace.com/downwithwebster
quote: 'I built my soul on rock 'n' roll, then someone told me kids don't rock no more..'

Down With Webster is a seven-man band that was formed for a junior high (gr. 6-8) talent show. They write, produce, and perform their own music. DWW is from Toronto, Canada and were voted the best unsigned artist/band in 2008. They have a unique sound that has been missing from the radio for a while now. With their huge local fanbase and growing worldwide fanbase they are well on their way for an amazing musical career. Another thing about Down With Webster is the fact that they have seven band members, with is a fair bit larger than the norm. I really like Down With Webster, and I hope they are still making awesome music for a long, long time.

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