Mar 24, 2010

Daniel Moir

genre: alternative rock
album: 'the Country and the Sea'
my fav quote: "a fight without a cause leaves us wondering whatever went wrong" (Change The World)

Daniel Moir is a nineteen year old, Edmonton-born talent. He is fresh, has only released 4 songs (a fifth through a special Facebook promotion) and the quality of his work is astounding. Daniel Moir has one of those calming, soft, yet powerful voices that makes you feel so at peace. I heard about him through a Facebook fan page suggestion from one of my friends, which led me to invite all my friends to become a fan in order to get my free 5 song album. Good deal, huh? Daniel Moir's songs poke at us and throw ideas at us that we probably haven't thought of before, but at the same time they allow you to fall into the music and not worry about the deep metaphors and symbolism lurking everywhere. I am really happy I found out about Daniel Moir, and I will be following him as he goes with his musical career.

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