Apr 22, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game Four

Wooww! I am honestly still buzzing from the game last night.

Good Things:
-the Canucks killed 2 power-plays, one of which had Daniel in the box!
-Demitra's goal during the Kings' change
-Luongo's "snow angel" save in the third period
-Samuelesson adding another goal to his previous four
-Sami Salo scoring on the power-play
-Henrik's game winner
and, of course, Kesler's open-netter in the last 15 seconds

I don't feel like listing bad things today.

I think last night's game was a such a confidence booster for the Canucks. They went strong and showed the Kings that they are not going to loose just like that. Something I'm really liking about the Canuck's play is that we have all these defense-men that are also really good defensive players! Ehroff and Salo both scored, and Ehroff, Edler, and O'Brien assisted. Speaking of, the offensive players are improving their defensive skills too. Putting the Sedins on the powerplay kill was very prosperous, which is why I was so amazed when the Canucks killed Daniel's penalty. Overall, I loved watching last night's game and I cannot wait for the Canucks to bring it home and take the lead!

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