Apr 18, 2010

Canucks Playoffs: Game Two

Oh geez.

Good Things:
-nice goals by Bernier and Samuelesson (scored on 2 of the first 4 shots)
-exciting 'track meet' play in the third period
-Luongo made 29 saves
-Kessler won 7 of 11 faceoffs

Bad Things:
-King's 35 second scoring spree

First off, I'm pretty upset with Alberts. I mean, I had never heard of him before now, and being known as the player who has the most playoff PIM of the NHL. In Game 1 he took a penalty that led to the King's first goal, and then was kicked out of the game after taking a five minute penalty in which the Kings scored again and tied the game. And if that wasn't enough, he comes back to Game Two and gets two consecutive penalties, and one more a bit later. That's THREE penalties. I hope I don't see him in Game Three because something isn't working for him, and he needs to figure it out, because just a week ago he scored against the Sharks!
Secondly, this game reinforced my worries about this series. Even though it has only been two games, you can see in the game play how close it is. I really hope Canucks and put more distance between themselves and the Kings, as they are getting more shots on goal.
As for Game Three, I am hoping the Canucks can pull through and take the lead. Though the Kings will have home-ice advantage, the Canucks have really improved their away play, if you will, over the season.


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