Feb 14, 2010

Day Two - Hockey, Moguls, and Surrey

Today was a fantastic kickoff to the Olympics for a couple of different reasons. Firstly, the Canadian Women's Hockey Team. If you missed the game, Canada dominated with an 18 - 0 win, setting a new record of the most goals scored by a women's Olympic hockey team. Let's keep up the good work, ladies!
The women shined again today in the Freestyle Skiing Moguls. All 3 of the Canadian women in the Finals had amazing runs. I particularly enjoyed Kristi Richards run because she showed true Olympic spirit. During the middle section on the moguls she lots control and had a devastating fall. One she had gotten back up, and reattached a stray ski, her time stood at 40 seconds. I knew if I was her I would walk off the mountain right then, sore and embarrassed. But sore and embarrassed was not enough for Richards, she looked down the mountain, took a few deep breaths, then continued on her run, ending with a spectacular flip. She finished with a time of 1:07, and a score of 4 placing her last, but she reminded us of what it means to be Canadian.
I watched both of those events from Surrey House at the Surrey Celebration Site. The Surrey House is a great place to be, with screens displaying sport, lots of great food (shout out to those Vietnamese spring rolls!), and a live stage. Cheering along side so many diverse Canadians at Surrey House just makes sport watching that much better. There is tons of live music happening there too, head over to www.surrey2010.com to check out who's where when. Surrey Celebration Site is an exciting way to experience the Olympics, and is just by a SkyTrain station, so it's very accessible.

This is a new little thing I'm going to do, to tell you where I'm going to be on the coming day. I'll be in a purple Students Live hoodie, so come say hi!

Day 3 - Feb. 14th

-Victory Ceremony at BC Place 6pm


  1. I loved what Kristi did, so great for the home crowd! And it was too bad for Jennifer Heil, she had an amazing run and was so close to gold! But she is the proud recipient of Canada's first medal of these games , WOOT WOOT. Great post Lauren, keep it up :)

  2. I watched part of the Canada-Slovakia women's hockey game last night, but only six minutes of it. It was obvious Canada was going to win in a rout. I can't believe Canada scored 18 goals though! 18-0 is a ridiculous score for a hockey game. The commentators mentioned Slovakia once won a game 82-0 against Bulgaria. That's flat out insane!