Feb 13, 2010

Opening Ceremonies (or not)

Right now I was planning to be blogging about the Opening Ceremonies. The things that stood out to me, things that surprised me, things that made me want to give our country a big hug, things that filled me with pride. But, unfortunately, I didn't see them. No, I didn't forget, how could I? I got a migraine. For those of you who don't know, a migraine is a bad headache that effects other parts of your body too. My eyes were hurting and I was nauseas, all stuff I've had before, but then I started to get a kind of pins and needles sensation in my hand and face, but only on the right side. Now, neither my mother or I like the sound of that, so we headed off to the ER 3 minutes before the Opening Ceremonies began.
Everything at the hospital went fine, they said it was probably just something new added to my 'migraine routine', and referred me to a neurologist to make sure. I left, feeling a lot better, around 8:30pm. I got home just in time to watch the cauldron be lit, but that was it. I missed it all.
Now I am simply waiting for the Opening Ceremonies to be up on Shaw On Demand so I can watch the spectacular show everyone else saw. Look out for that belated blog!


  1. That sounds scary, I'm glad you're okay! I'm sure the Opening Ceremonies would be on the CTV website.

  2. Lauren, I can completely understand you...I get migraines somehwat chronically. : (
    Glad you felt better.

  3. well im glad it wasnt anything too serious!