Feb 15, 2010

Day Three - Victory

Good morning! Last night was phenomenal, and I'm not just talking about the Victory Ceremony I was privileged to go to, I'm talking about Alexandre Bilodeau being the proud new owner of the first gold medal won by Canadians on Canadian soil ever!! It was announced during the Victory Ceremony and we stood up and we cheered and we remembered where we were when we won gold. Bilodeau has made history, and I think we are all proud to be watching history being made.
Before I tell you about the Victory Ceremony, I would like to give a shout out to the lovely student bloggers from Historica who helped me when I was almost in tears, lost in downtown, without a phone, without a map of any kind, not knowing whether the others had left without me or not, and scared out of my mind. They took me to where I needed to be and they were really friendly, and so helpful. Thanks guys!
British Columbia's night of the Victory Ceremonies was incredible. One of the best parts of the BC section of the night was when "snow" starting falling. It was actually little strips of wax paper that everyone was trying to catch, but it gave a beautiful impression. There was also a fashion show, with some very outrageous, creative, and fascinating pieces. Scrapartsmusic performed, a group of five drummers who use, basically, scrap parts to make music, and they were fantastic.
Next came the medals. I'm not going to go through and tell you who won what, because you can read that anywhere. Instead I'm going to tell you about my favourite Olympic Medal receiver from last night, Ivan Skobrev. Skobrev is from Russia, and the reason he was my favourite was because when his name was called for bronze, he kissed the podium before jumping on to it, waving his hands around, all while grinning as large as he could. He was happy, just as he should be, and he showed it the best.
Yesterday was incredible, but tomorrow's going to be better. Thanks for reading!

Day 4 - Feb. 15th

3pm - 4pm Live City Downtown (Women's Hockey)
rest of day Out N About!

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