Feb 15, 2010

Day Four - Hockey at LiveCity Yaletown, and Red Mitts

Today was a really great day for me. This morning I finally watched the Opening Ceremony, and I was awestruck. It was incredible, and there's really nothing more I can say. If you missed it, or any other Olympic events you can watch CTV's coverage for free on Shaw On Demand.
In the afternoon I headed off to Live City Yaletown, with the intent to watch the Canadian Women's Hockey Team go up against Switzerland. When I arrived the line up went around the block. Jessica, an awesome friend of mine who I went with, and I looked at each other with worried faces when we saw the line. Once we got into the line, though, it moved very quickly, only taking us 20 minutes to get inside and through security. Live City Yaletown has some great houses, such as the Coca Cola House, Panasonic House, and the Acer House. Because of long line-ups, I only went into the Panasonic House, but it was very cool. One feature was the Eco-Globe, where you wrote your "Eco-Idea" of something you can do to help out the environment, then you scan it into the large television screen. You can then browse through all the other Eco-Ideas others have scanned into the screen, which is very techy and fun.
It was really exciting to watch the Canadian Women show us what they are made of again today, pulling off an incredible 10-1 win over Switzerland. I cannot wait to watch them take on Sweden on Wednesday. While Jessica and I was watching the game, we were discussing how disappointing it is that there is so little coverage of women's hockey available, and how there is talk of Olympic Women's Hockey being discontinued, just like Olympic Women's Softball was.
LiveCity Yaletown is a super location and has really interesting things to do if you don't mind standing in a line for a while.

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Day Five - February 16th

-I won't be going anywhere Olympic tomorrow.

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