Feb 17, 2010

Day Five and Six - Hurry! We Need To Get To Surrey!

Yesterday and today have been busy days for me, so much so that I don't really have anything to write about concerning the Olympics. I decided, instead, I could tell you about a few of the great bands performing at Surrey Celebration Site.

Friday, Feb. 19th
This Friday 'We Are The City' are performing at 5pm. We Are The City are an indie rock band from Kelowna, BC. I found out about them from the Peak Performance Project, a contest run by the Peak radio station (100.5fm), a contest that they won. They are a great band, and I really look forward to seeing them.

Saturday, Feb. 20th
This Saturday 'Said The Whale' are performing at 7:30pm. They are indie pop and just recently released their single 'Camilo (The Magician). Their music is fun and fantastic, and Said The Whale is a total must for those seeking quality music.

Friday, Feb. 20th
Next Friday both illScarlett and Marianas Trench are performing, the former at 8pm, the latter at 9pm. illScarlett is a rock band and have made a collection of songs perfect for the rebellious teen to blast through their stereo. Marianas Trench is from Vancouver and their latest album, Masterpiece Theatre, has a collection of pop/rock songs, all of which are incredible.

I hope to be down in Surrey for all of these concerts as all of these bands are very talented and should be great to see live.

I'll be back tomorrow with something a little better for you guys. Thanks for reading!

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