Feb 25, 2010

Day Fourteen <-- Gosh, already?!?

Hello, hello, hello!! Earlier I was feeling a bit sad that the Olympics were nearing the end, but then I watched the Women's Hockey Gold Medal Game. Wow. Just incredible. You should definitely watch it on Shaw On Demand if you missed even a few minutes.
StudentsLive has asked us reporters to write one or two large pieces about the 2010 Games, and I think I have an idea for mine. Today when I was in downtown, I realized I LOVE Vancouver. It's just so...nice! I was thinking about how I never want to leave Vancouver, and how being a part of StudentsLive and getting to go around Vancouver has had an effect on that. Stay tuned for that story, which may be up after the Olympics, or after the Paralympics, depending on time-constraints I am causing by blogging and not doing homework.
Tomorrow I will post a blog about the person I interviewed who is involved in broadcasting the Olympics. Said person is not allowed to do interviews, so I am only allowed to give general information about what she does. Exciting, eh?
Also tomorrow, I will be heading down to Surrey Celebration Site to try and see illScarlett and Marianas Trench, a show I think will be tons of fun.
Please stay tuned for these last few Olympic Days, and don't forget I will also being reporting for the Paralympics, which begin on March 12th!

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