Feb 22, 2010

Day Eleven - Yaletown VIPs and CBC

Hey everyone! (Second time tonight, aren't I a superstar?) Today 2 very exciting things happened, first I skipped the line at LiveCity Yaletown, and enter through the 'Invited Guests' enterance, and secondly, StudentsLive was feature on CBC! If you missed the news today, you can check out the clip at http://www.cbc.ca/video/#/News/Canada/BC/ID=1421788032.
Today was the second time I've been to LiveCity Yaletown, but it didn't get old. This time I went to all the ''houses'', Vancouver House, Panasonic House, and Coca Cola House. Vancouver House has a really nice set up, showing visitors how green Vancouver is, and what is being done to improve our sustainability. One thing I found very cool was a company that takes solid scrap wood that would just be thrown out, and turns it into stools and coffee tables. (See the third pic.) Panasonic House has a 3D theatre, which was very cool and the line-up wasn't too long. Coca Cola House is a total party, and surprisingly worth the hour-long line-up. Along with the free aluminum Cola, you can get your picture professionally taken with an Olympic torch, and then download it on to your computer with a special code, (that's the second pic.) And finally, you can release your inner polar bear, and get a picture with the paws, (that's the first pic.) I was at Yaletown with Christina Adams, the StudentsLive VANOC contact, and her family. Christina's mother was the coolest, (she told me to write that), and I had a really great time with them.
I will write more soon! Thanks for reading!


  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I can't wait to go to Livecity tomorrow!

  2. Hi Lauren, it was great meeting you yesterday! Good blog, especially saying I was the coolest (even though I told you to)! Keep up the good work. Chrissie's mom.

  3. Must have been fun!
    Sigh...i hate looking at your countdown. Makes me think that the Olympics are gonna be over VERY soon...no more hype in Vancity.
    : (