Feb 22, 2010

Day Ten - The Scent Of Spring and Disappointed Hockey Fans

Last night was an incredible (I've been using that word a lot, have you noticed?) experience for me, despite the embarrassing 5 - 2 hockey loss for Canada. First I'm going to tell you about 'The Scent Of Spring', and later I'll express my feelings towards the hockey.
The Scent Of Spring is a beautiful dance about forbidden love, and was put on by the National Dance Company of Korea. Everything about it was fantastic, the music, the stage, the costumes, the emotion, and, of course, the dancing itself. One part in particular stood out and that was the dances of the seasons. The passing of the year was shown by two dancers creating a tree that grew and then withered before our eyes. It was breathtaking, and overall indescribable.
Now, the hockey. I was disappointed that Luongo was not put in goal, as he seems to be calm and skillful under pressure, as opposed to Brodeur, who seemed very frantic and didn't just let the defense take care of some of the pucks. It was a nice win for the USA, but Canada is NOT our of the running. Like I've said earlier, I really believe Canada's women's hockey team is amazingly skillful, a pleasure to watch, and real contenders for the gold. I used to think that of the men's hockey team, but now I'm not so sure.

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