Feb 27, 2010

Day Fifteen - MARIANAS TRENCH!!! (...oh and illScarlett..)

First it comes on quiet, creeping, slow...then Josh Ramsey comes on and the crowd goes insane. Last night, if you didn't know from my very frequent Facebook status updates, I went to see illScarlett followed by Marianas Trench at the Surrey Celebration Site. It was a VERY cool experience. First, we won the HOCKEY GAME AGAINST SLOVAKIA, SCORING US A SPOT IN THE GOLD MEDAL HOCKEY GAME ON SUNDAY!!!!! I watched the game from Surrey House, and there was a large, and very excitable, crowd. When Canada scored the first goal we all leaped to our feet and had hi-fives all around. I watched the third period from outside, in front of the stage, and held a collective breath for the last five minutes.
Then illScarlett came on. They were really good, but their fans were rowdy, lots and lots of pushing and shoving for that one. Then Marianas Trench came on after quite the delay, and the crowd, as I said above, went insane, but they weren't nearly as pushy-shovey as the illScarlett fans. Marianas Trench played many of the songs off their new album, Masterpiece Theatre, and few of their earlier hits (Shake Tramp, anyone?). Marianas Trench is one of my all-time favourite bands, so seeing them live at a free, all-ages concert was one of the coolest things I've gotten to do.
This morning I have been shifting through the 150 pictures I took, and finally decided on 80 that weren't very good, but I did not delete them (never!), I just have them in a 'Bad Pics' folder! Yay! Anyways, that left 40 and I thought they were all Facebook-worthy so they are up there. The above pics are (1) of the crowd behind me, (2) of Josh and Ian, (3) of me in the crowd, and (4) of Josh and Matt.

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