Feb 27, 2010

Day Sixteen - Media Centre Awesomeness

Today was awesome. First, at 10:30am I attended the press conference featuring the Canadian Short Track Speed-skating team. They were all very cool, and proudly wore their Canada jackets and gold medals. They answered questions in both English and French, and since my French is very primitive, I only understood the English. The conference was a very cool experience, and it was awesome to be that close to our champions!
Later on, at 1pm the Women's Curling Team, who placed silver, came, answered questions and was available for interviews and pictures (see earlier post for interview, see above for pics). They were also very cool, and seemed to remember that they were Olympics rookies, and getting to silver was an incredible achievement on their part.
After leaving the Media Centre, I joined Samaah, Veronika, Cheyenne, Lisa, Dezmond, Hannah and Christina from VANOC at the VANOC headquarters, and collected up all the extra pins, stickers, postcards, and posters, which we then took downtown and gave out to accepting, and sometimes swarming crowds. I managed to score two Moscow 1980 pins, and I picked up two Apple pins from the Apple Store at Pacific Centre.
That was basically my day, and a very good one at that.

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