Feb 28, 2010

Day Seventeen #1 - Jasey Jay Anderson and Men's Curling Team

This morning (though it feels like forever ago) Jasey Jay Anderson and the Men's Curling Team was at the Media Centre for a press conference.
Jasey Jay Anderson is also a blueberry farmer (who knew?) and enjoys farming because he creates something. Anderson said that as an athlete you mostly focus on yourself, and being a farmer brings him peace. Jasey Jay seemed to be incredibly calm for someone who had just won gold. He also had a good sense of humor, when he stood up for photos and was asked to look this way and that, to lift up his medal, etc, he said "dance monkey dance". Hilarious.
The Men's Curling Team was really cool, and very excited about their accomplishment. They said that curlers are now taking fitness seriously, because the unfit curlers are getting beaten by the fit curlers. They also said that they find the insane and loud fans encouraging, as apposed to distracting, as some would think.
This is the first post of a few for today, so keep reading!

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  1. haha you had to do more than one post to include all the excitement of the day, so cool! An amazing ending to the amazing Olympic Games :)