Jan 4, 2010

Vancouver Busdrivers, Making Your Day

Hello everyone! Right now I'm at a Students Live meeting in Harbour Centre. Today at 12:19pm I got onto the number sixteen bus, a direct route to the Centre. When I got on I was welcomed by an incredibly warm bus driver, something that had never happened before. She smiled excitedly, as if I had brightened her day just by getting on the bus. At the next stop a few people got off, one of whom called out a 'thank you!', which was jollily returned with an uncommon 'you're welcome!'. A few stops later, an older man got on to the bus, it was clearly one of his first times busing, as he had a bit of trouble figuring out how to put his faresaver into the machine. Unlike other bus drivers I have seen, she kindly showed him the correct way to insert the faresaver, without the obvious frustration I have heard so many times before. It appeared she enjoys driving a bus, which makes everyone enjoy riding a bus just that much more.

One thing I'm sure all of us here at Students Live are thankful for is the food we get here. Last time we got casadias, and today we got sandwiches. Along with that we got cookies, fruit, and a large variety of drinks. All the food we got was free and SO yummy! Thanks to those at BCELC for providing us with food!

I think I'm going to wrap this up here, thanks to everyone who is reading my blog!

Week 2 Playlist
1. Low Sail - Amy Millian
2. I'm Running - Misstress Barbara ft. Sam Roberts
3. Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
4. They'll Never Know - Ross Copperman
5. Belle Of The Boulevard - Dashboard Confessional

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  1. hahaha this sounds so bad, but i hardly ever encounter friendly bus drivers, so when you see one it really brightens your day, just a little bit. i love the blog post!