Jan 11, 2010

Nashville at Vancouver Period 3

Hello everyone!
I write this while watching the hockey game tonight. The second period just ended, and the score is 2-2. There may be some odd hockey interjections throughout this blog, be warned.
Over the last couple days I have mostly been doing homework, so I've been a bit out of it. Tonight though, I went to the youth group at my church and had a blast! Good friends, 5 large pizzas, some salty gingerbread, and a little bit of ''neuron'' and "wheeowheeowheeoooo-David!" and you've got yourself a good night.
I have a bunch of people that I am hoping to interview, including the "happiness embassador" of the Olympic Torch Relay. Sorry I've been so slow to get an interview done, homework, tests and projects really seem to build up over the holidays. I hope to have one up soon!
The 3rd period just started, and I'm hoping Alex Burrows is going to get his 3rd hat trick of the season, just as soon as he gets out of penalty box...
I am currently reading an amazing book called "Telling True Stories". It is a guide to narritive nonfiction, my favourite genre of book. My favourite author of narritive nonfiction is Malcolm Gladwell who has written Outliers, Blink, The Tipping Point, and a collection of his articles for the New York Times called What The Dog Saw. "Telling True Stories" contains advice and lessons from the greatest narritive nonfiction writers around, and I am so glad my mother needed that extra book for her law studies which brought her to the library, where she saw that book.
That's enough for today, I'll write more later this week. The playlist is updated, so check that out!

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your blog, Lauren. It's amazing that you can juggle this blog, school work and all your other activities. I look forward to more posts.