Jan 20, 2010

Dear Haiti

Dear Haiti,

I would ask how you are but I already know, everyone knows. You are not well. I see pictures of your destroyed buildings and starving people everywhere. It makes me sad that you are struck with a disaster such as this. It makes others sad too. I saw a girl collecting money for you at my school, and she was devastated, as if her friend had died. You are our friend, Haiti, and when you are in trouble we need to help you. I am sorry we did not help you sooner, because you were in trouble before the earthquake. We are trying very hard to help you. Millions of dollars, prayers, and aid are being sent your way, or at least are trying to be sent your way. Is what we are giving helping? Are we doing the good we think we are doing when we drop those coins, or take those few minutes to remember you? I heard someone say that you really need is for the world to help other countries who are in the same amount of trouble that you were in. If I were you Haiti, that would be what I would want.
I cannot imagine what it must be like for you to see so many of your people die. All I see is numbers, and sometimes pictures, but you knew them, they were your people, and now they are gone. I cannot imagine what it must be like for you to see so many of your people starving, and you cannot provide for them. I cannot imagine what it must be like for you to have to rely only on other countries, unable to help yourself. I do not like feeling helpless, and right now you are so helpless, Haiti.

I have nightmares of your troubles, but I want to have dreams of you getting better. I want to see pictures and videos of help and hope being given, not of mass graves and crushed buildings. I want to be able to say that this earthquake made a difference for you, Haiti, and other countries like you. I want to say that this earthquake turned out to be the thing that saved you, and now you are stronger than ever. But you are weaker than ever, and I do not like saying that.

I do not mind if you do not read this letter, Haiti, I know you have lots to worry about. I hope others read this letter though, because you are special Haiti, and the world cannot lose you and your people. You are too important for that.

I hope you get better, Haiti. I need you to get better because I do not like the sadness of your troubles, I want there to be the happiness of your recovery.

~Lauren Byrne


  1. Most of us are struggling to know what to think and how to feel. Your blog has given us a way to frame our thoughts and motivation to put those thoughts and feelings into action. Thankyou.

  2. Wow. This is really powerful. Good Job. My thoughts are also with Haiti.

  3. This was amazing! I loved how you wrote to Haiti as if it was a person, so creative. And so moving. Good job!