Dec 14, 2009

Hey Everyone!

My name is Lauren Byrne and I am one of the twenty-four Student Live Student Reporters. Here's a little bit about me.
I'm thirteen years old and go to Prince Of Wales Secondary School. I was born in Melbourne, Australia and lived there until I was five, when my Mum got a job offer here in Canada. I love to write, dance, and play field hockey. I have one older sister and one younger sister. I am Anglican, and I plan on getting confirmed this year. I hope one day I'll be a successful writer or psychologist.
Some things I love include MLIA ( and One Tree Hill. I am also loving my recently acquired iPod Touch, which is serving me real well.
Being a Student Reporter for the 2010 Paralympic Games has turned out (in the last 3 hours) to be really great. So far I've met some really nice people (shout out to table buddies!), and I'm enjoying our ten minute challenges. I think that's enough writing for now, so I'll post more soon!

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