Feb 19, 2010

Day Eight - CBC, Cauldron

Today I went to see the Cauldron, again, but this time with fellow reporters Emily, Veronika, and Lisa being followed by 2 lovely people from CBC. It is a unique experience having someone run ahead of you, film you walking towards and then away from them, and then running in front again. They also gave us complimentary CBC pins. Feeling like a superstar, check! Once we were at the Cauldron we went around and asked people about their thought about the flame, and we got some interesting answers, which you can see at Emily, Veronika, or Lisa's blogs. I then went on to accompany Emily while she asked people in a lot of Team Canada gear what it meant to be to them to be Canadian, a question which also had some interesting answers. I'll write more soon!

1 comment:

  1. It was cool having CBC follow us around!
    And I loved peoples answers too, probably the most common was "To be Canadian means to be free." I guess that fits in with our national anthem, "True north strong and free."