Jan 27, 2010

Short And Sweet

Hey everyone!
I got this week's playlist up, sorry it was late. Also, I know there has been a Said The Whale song on there these last few weeks, but they are just so great, I have to post them up. I am also thinking about doing starting a theme to the songs.
The Students Live meeting on Monday went really well, we got a whole lot done, so you should see some of that on the website (www.studentslive.ca). We got a tour of the Main Media Centre at Canada Place, and it is looking great! The journalists and photographers are going to have an amazing experience there.
Also at that meeting, we found out what events we get to go to. I got 2 wheelchair curling events, 2 sledge hockey events, and 1 super g event. I'm really excited with what I got and can't wait for March!
Just on a side note, does anyone watch Lie To Me? It's a fictional show about Dr. Lightman, who can tell what people's emotions are by looking at their faces, hands, posture, and by listening to their words. It's a pretty awesome show, and is really interesting.
I'm going to wrap that up there, I'll write again later in the week! Peace.

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  1. I wish I could go to some of the events! That show sounds really cool, I think I might check it out. :P